Aged Care Facilities

Using the Henny Penny Hatching Program

The Henny Penny Hatching program is an inexpensive and hassle-free program which provides residents with hours of enjoyment, and which is an ideal source of entertainment for those visiting grandkids. The arrival of our Henny Penny Hatching staff at a facility is a cause for great excitement amongst the residents and the nursing staff alike. Locate a Henny Penny Hatching unit in a communal area, such as the residents’ lounge, and you can be sure that residents, staff and visitors will be mesmerised from the time they first observe the eggs rocking inside the hatcher and hear little chirps coming from within.

The little ‘peck hole’ which appears in the egg next, sometimes followed by a beak, always draws comments, then the observers watch with fascination and awe as a tiny chick gradually emerges and kicks itself free from the shell.

Jeff 3a

After this, the residents can enjoy watching the chicks at play in the large, clear-sided brooding pen at any time of the day or night.

We even provide a net to cover the brooding pen, which will protect the chicks from your resident cat!

The antics of the playful chicks provide a welcome change from watching the telly and staff at facilities who already use our program report many a nostalgic memory being recounted around the brooding pen, as residents fondly recall childhood experiences involving collecting eggs and running around with their backyard chickens. Interaction between the residents and the chicks is encouraged and in many centres the chicks are taken in, from time to time, to visit the bedridden patients because, after all, the therapeutic benefits of interacting with animals has been proven many times over.

The Henny Penny Hatching program is very popular already with a number of aged care facilities, who book with us every year. Comments from the nursing staff and Diversional Therapists and Lifestyle co-ordinators who work at these centres include the following:

Once you've booked!

Once you have booked you will be provided with a code, which will allow you access to a range of helpful resources, including our simple instructions to help you with the actual running of the program once it arrives. We encourage you to book with us soon and let your residents experience the fun.